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Insegnate ai vostri figli come un vero giornalista farebbe un book review, cioè un breve articolo su un libro letto con tanto di foto e illustrazioni ma tutto in un’unica pagina!!! Non più di un unico poster/foglio!

Prima di tutto occorre leggere un bel libro (vi consiglio uno non troppo lungo come primo esperimento) e occore discuterne im modo piuttosto dettagliato  in modo che il bimbo trovi questo compitino alquanto riassuntivo e scorrevole.
In secondo luogo bisogna preparare una scheda che potreste scrivere in word e poi stampare in modo che il bimbo la possa soltanto compilare, oppure qualora sceglieste di farne un vero e proprio poster, allora lo studente dovrà compilarla a mano. Se state insegnando anche l’utilizzo del computer, potreste fargliela scrivere in word in modo da migliorare la propria capacità di utilizzo del computer.
Cercate una foto del libro che avete letto in internet oppure fate una foto del libro con il vostro cellulare, salvatela e poi stampatela, ritagliatela ed incollatela nel vostro poster/foglio finale in alto a destra.
La scheda dovrà contenere le seguente informazioni:
Titolo, Autore, Illustratore, Casa editrice, Prezzo, Numero di pagine, Dedica, Personaggi principali, Breve riassunto della trama, La morale del libro, Concetti islamici nel testo, eccetera...
Ecco di seguito un esempio del nostro lavoro. Devo aggiungere che non consiglierei questo libro come lettura islamica, lo consiglierei soltanto se avete un figlio maturo (da 8/9 anni in su) e se potete sostenere la sua lettura spiegando bene il concetto islamico.
Eccone un esempio:

Title:  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory    
Genre: Fiction 

Characters: Charlie Bucket; Mr Bucket; Mrs Bucket; Grandpa Joe; Grandma Josephine; Grandpa George; Grandma Georgina; Mr Willy Wonka; August Gloop; Mike Teavee; Veruca Salt; Violet Beauregarde; The Oompa-Loompas.

Author: Roald Dahl
Illustrator: Illustrated by Quentin Blake
Publisher: Puffin Book by Penguin Group Ltd, 80 Strand, London, WC2R ORL
Pages: 190
UK Publisher price: £6.99 (10% of the author royalties from the sale of this book are donated to the Roald Dahl charities)
Chapters: 30
Plot: Charlie Bucket is a poor boy and he has a poor family. He lives in a small wooden house with his parents, and his over-ninety grandparents from his father’s side and his over-ninety grandparents from his mother’s side. Mr Bucket worked in a toothpaste factory –by screwing the lids- but he could not afford to buy a bigger house and not even scrumptious meals. The Bucket family ate always cabbage soup and Charlie had rarely the chance to eat chocolate that he loved a lot. When Charlie came out from school, he went past a HUMONGOUS CHOCOLATE FACTORY!!! It was one owned by Mr Willy Wonka, the most famous chocolate maker in the world!
One day Mr Wonka decided to open his marvellous chocolate factory to 5 lucky winners.
Charlie wanted to win and all he had to do was finding one of the five famous Golden Tickets to go inside the Chocolate Factory.  And he found the fifth one! The others who won were Augustus, Veruca, Violet and Mike.

The factory it was fantastic! So many amazing things happened there! Augustus drank some of the melting chocolate from the chocolate river. Suddenly he fell into the river and went down a pipe. Soon Violet had some chewing gum from the gum machine. Amazingly she started turning violet! And then she started to become fat! The Oompa-Loompas rolled her somewhere away. Soon they just watched a room called The Nut Room. Inside it were many squirrels. Veruca wanted one. The squirrels threw her and her parents in a rubbish chute. Later they went to a chocolate television room and Mike was the first one to be in chocolate television soon he got out and became small. They had to stretch him.
At the end of the exhibition, all the children went home, because they weren't in perfect form – except Charlie. Mr Willy Wonka told him that he and his whole family could live in the chocolate factory because Charlie had good manners, and was an intelligent respectful poor boy.
The moral of this story is: All bad habits will change the person till he will eventually become even worse. Good people instead will be rewarded. Sometimes the reward comes after a long time, but good people have to be patient and good and keep up the hard work. Spoilt children will not enjoy anything.

****The Islamic concepts inside the book****
Although this book is not Islamic and some parts are quite weird and might not possibly happen, it taught me to be patient, polite and respectful of other people even though they may look and behave strangely! A s a Muslim I think I have to respect the human kind whatsoever their cultural, social and ethnic background. The main character is so positive! I learnt a lot from him, I like him.
In addition I learnt that being spoilt is very bad and people who are impolite, spoilt and disrespectful are not nice and will not be rewarded.

                                                                                                                       Reviewed  by M.             


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